Enthusiast / Connoisseur Program

The Wine Nosing Aroma Kit System has already helped thousands of Wine Enthusiasts worldwide improve their enjoyment of Wine!

Whether you simply wish to improve your knowledge and enjoyment of Wine – or develop your knowledge to connoisseur or expert level, we are there to help you every step of the way!

Our Wine enthusiast program includes;


Wine Club Events

Worldwide Wine Clubs are playing an increasingly important role in the massive worldwide growth and popularity of Wine.

We are partnering with Wine Clubs in two main ways;

  • Wine Nosing & Tasting Master Classes – specifically tailored for Wine Clubs
  • Special Wine Club Discounts on Group Orders for the Wine Nosing Aroma Kit

If you are a Wine Club representative, please contact us to find out more!


We are aroma specialists who provide aroma training, aroma design, aroma development and the creation of aromas specific to many industries including wine, scotch whisky, gin, food and perfumery. Our aim is to educate with expertise and to deliver fun experiences and events!

Aroma Academy is a division of Scent and Aroma Technology Systems Ltd.
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